суббота, 2 сентября 2017 г.

A short update

Hello dear friends!

I could not believe I was not writing in my blog since December. Probably because I had 3 homeschoolers in my home. The capslock was stuck in my computer keyboard and I did not want to scare people off by typing only capital letters... I will keep this post short. Most of the summer we stayed in the city due-to financial reasons. In late May we took a trip and were part of a wonderful Christian conference. The focus was the fruit of the gospel that we have in our lives. It was very intense but so packed with beautiful truths. I will listen to the audio of the conference again and again.

So I wanted a break from studying and I decided it was high time I finished some of my long time wips. I started sorting our bags of fabric. And taught one of my sons to sew a simple log cabin blog. I could not stop and in a few days I had a new quilt top in Christmas colors...

I was able to finish a few projects I will share later. Many years ago I bought some pretty fabric intending to make pillow cases for my son and I never did. This summer I wanted to finally sit down and make the pillowcases. These are fun and quick projects. Now as I am very short of time, I have to learn how to sew fast:)

I will share the link to the Easy Tube Pillow Case Tutorial - https://youtu.be/MrYWCma9wgM I want to make more of these and teach my friends to make pillow cases for their families. Such a budget saver!

Cheers, Maria

2 комментария:

Bev Kimmel комментирует...

That quilt looks like beautiful stained glass with the light shining on it. I have made pillowcases for children and they really like them!

Мария Доричева Maria Doricheva комментирует...

Thank you, Bev, for visiting my blog. It is always good to meet a quilter from a different part of the world.

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