воскресенье, 1 февраля 2015 г.

Thailand adventure

Hello, friends!

We're back from our trip to Thailand. It took about 21 hours one way and it was a great experience. The theme for the conference was investing your life. If I want to live for the Kingdom of God, how I can do this intentionally... I am thankful for the many new people I met and got to know. My life is more rich after the trip.

It was our second time in Thailand. I knew I would meet some special people and I wanted to make cards to give as gifts. So I repeated some of my favorite designs from the past.

Quick cards potpourri

I enter this potpourri of cards into the Simon Says Anything Goes challenge.

My dear husband took care of our daughter so I could go on a one day excursion with the boys. They did not want to go at first, as they enjoyed their friends and a great outdoor pool. So in faith I took them. How could the boys not enjoy riding an elephant and going by a boat? Even if it takes 3 hours to get there. Here're some pictures.

Thailand adventure

After visiting Chungkai War Cemetery and JEATH museum we had a fun motor boat ride to the famous bride on the River Qwai, built by the war prisoners during Japan invasion.

IMG_4931 Yegor and Fedia had fun throwing bread crumbs to the fish at the river restaurant.

IMG_5018 On the way to the famous bridge.

IMG_5017 Fedia missed our first elephant ride, now he has grown enough to go.

Thank you for visiting!


3 комментария:

Christina комментирует...

Такие классные, здорово вообще!!!=)

Teresa Kline комментирует...

darlin cards and such awesome photos! so glad you played along with Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge!

add a little glimmer to your life....sparkle & shine! *~*

Betty Keefe комментирует...

i'm sure everyone loved your beautiful cards, Maria - have also been to Thailand twice - went to that park too but riding the elephants was not for me!!

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