воскресенье, 28 декабря 2014 г.

Slowing down

Hello, dear friends!

I grew to appreciate Pinterest more recently, as I find lots of useful information there. At first I thought it was mostly inspiring pictures... But recently I discovered Spiritual lessons for kids, encouragement for mothers. A few months ago I found a great exercise routine which changed my life a lot. I enjoy working out for 40 minutes and my body gets rid of stress.

After the 25th of December life is slowing down. As I have mentioned before, we started homeschooling our oldest children since last August. My oldest son, Yegor (6th grade), has passed his 2 last exams, this totals 5 yearly exams: Biology, Geography, English, Social Studies and Math. He mostly studied on his own with a bit of my help and encouragement, except for the math, he needed his father's help to prepare thoroughly. Timothy (2d grade) has passed 3 yearly exams: Science, Math and PE. He did very well for his age and temperament.

During Christmas season I want to give lots of cards, but my time is very limited, so this year I made lost of small cards with the Bible verses from Isaiah I quoted in my previous blogpost. I love these promises of the birth of Jesus, the names He would be called. During Christmas it is good to revisit them and I reminded myself I should not assume everyone knows them. So I printed them out and made these cute little cards. I gave them all away today after the church service.

This is all our family skiing at the near-by pine forest. I am so thankful for the beautiful weather, fresh air and sparkling snow. December feels much better compared to November.

Thank you for visiting!


2 комментария:

Maristela Guilherme комментирует...

Que foto linda! Deve ser muito bom ver neve e tempo frio. Na minha cidade é calor de mais de 30 g raus. Um sol lindo e muito quente. Moro em Governador Valadares - Brasil.
Foi muito bom conhecer seu blog.
Feliz 2015 para você e toda sua familia.

Jacqueline комментирует...

Maria, beautiful post and lovely idea - to bless others in this way! Have a wonderful trip.

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