понедельник, 22 декабря 2008 г.

Christmas crafts - Поделки к Рождеству и Н.г.

I made more reversible bags. I think about 12 of them. Most of them have already gone. I love how they have turned out - the tutorial is so good. Each bag is made of unique combination of fabrics. The last 3 ones I did with a short cut. Instead of the 16 squares for both side of the bag I sewed a four-patch and a 4" border around it for one of its sides.

More reversible bags

Last week while my husband was away on a business trip, my son and I had a fun evening making simple & quick cards, stamping and stapling them. I also did gift tags with origami trees - a lot of fun. The pattern is here - http://rfoelker.sites.uol.com.br/cartao2.gif And learned that making gift tags is quicker than cards, plus you save on the paper!

Christmas paper crafts

2 комментария:

karenfae комментирует...

Pretty bags and cards. have a Merry Christmas. I will keep checking your blog now and then to see what you are working on.
Karen USA

Мария Доричева комментирует...

Thank you, Karen. Happy quilting to you!

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