понедельник, 14 апреля 2014 г.

A charitable event

Hello, friends! I just really needed a good challenge to get some cards done. Our church launched a hand-made sale to raise some money for the summer camp. The money goes to the families who struggle to pay for the camp. I had a bit of stress to find the time to do it. There're some old cards I already made and some inked and cut out tags along with some embossed images. I whipped up over 10 card in one morning. As I did not have any Easter-themed stamps, but I figured that these birds are perfect for spring. And they were quite popular, however the collage cards were purchased first. This was not easy but so rewarding!
Some old good friends came to church with their 3 boys and we had lunch together. It was so good but time went too fast. As the weather was very nice we took a long walk towards the Red Square to stop at the kids' favorite cafe before we headed home for rest. Thank you for visiting! Maria

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Jacqueline комментирует...

Such beautiful, colorful, Spring cards, Maria! I think of you a lot when I see the news about Ukraine and Russia.. Your family is in God's care, what a foundation to have in our lives.
Good luck with raising funds for the summer camp.
Many blessings and hugs

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