вторник, 17 декабря 2013 г.

My new baby and revisiting old cards

Hello, dear friends! It's time to update my blog. I was away from it for too long! The most exciting thing that has happened is the birth of our daughter Sophia. She is exactly four months today. She is a joy to us. Sophia is blessed to be born in a loving Christian home. She has three older brothers who adore her. I am thankful she is a quiet and content baby. I am busy because not because of the new baby, but because I have the first grader and it takes almost all of my time to help him work on his writing skills (they're teaching him cursive), reading, some English etc.
I plan to take some time to look back on this year and post some pictures. Despite all the responsibilities I still made some time to stamp. I decided to revisit some cards I made before. I liked the idea of placing the seal in the middle of the stamp image. Choosing patterned papers took some time, but I love the unique result. I have learnt that sometimes the patterned papers that look dull, yield great backgrounds for the stamp images which are great by themselves. I have also learnt that I need to test many different papers to see if I like the result. I enjoy using eggshell watercolor paper, distress inks and water mist to achieve this watercolor effect with my favorite Hero Arts stamp Hydrangea. I've made a whole bunch of cards to give as gift sets to my friends. I have skipped gold embossing and just applied different shades of distress inks.
Thank you for visiting!

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Jacqueline комментирует...

Oooh, she is GORGEOUS, what a beautiful little girl. I love her name too. Thank you for sharing her with us, Maria!
I also love your cards, some I have seen already. I really love the diversity of colors and patterns, used in harmony and in such a creative way.
Wishing you a very peaceful Christmas time and every blessing for 2014. It won't be easy as children of God, but His Kingdom is coming, sooner than we think!

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