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Wine label cards

Dear readers! Our family have returned from a vacation to the Crimea near Kerch (an ancient Greek city with lots of history). The weather was perfect, the sea was warm and we were blessed with meeting many families with kids there. It was good to be away from the city and enjoy the nature: the grape vine, plums, dewberry on the way to the beach. We stayed at the tourist base with very basic conditions, the food was cooked and there was plenty of space for the children to run and play safely with other kids (altogether about 20 boys and girls) and play board games. So it felt like a family camp. In the evening we took a walk with other families to get fresh cow's milk and chat.

One of the things we did to share our values was to show "Courageous" movie to other families. We did two sessions.

I was able to have quiet time in the morning and draw from the Word of God. I was focusing of how God was revealing Himself to me this year as Healer:

- a complete freedom from guilt I had for many years,
- powerful witness on healing of the women I met at the conference in Thailand in January,
- my dear on-line friend Jacqueline was completely healed from cancer,
- my other dear friend Vera (her name translates like "faith") has recovered from the divorce, turning into strong godly woman,
- my in-laws became both believers and their faith gives fruit of peace and joy.

Here're some pics from the vacation.

And my latest cards. I have not had any inspiration for very long. I would stamp but I did not have any finished cards. These cards are made out of the wine labels I have received from Jacqueline. I tried two versions of the same card.
Wine label card
These're the cards my sons made. The garden girl (thank you, Jacqueline!) card is by my 5,5 y.o. son and the teacher's card is by my oldest son (10 y.o.). These're simple cards but they give me plenty of ideas. I should let them play with the stamps more often:) I have entered their creations into the Back to School challenge by Simon says stamp.

Thank you for visiting!

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Jacqueline комментирует...

Such a beautiful post with strong Christian witness to what faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can do!! I rejoice with you that your in-laws have come to know Jesus and that the fruit of the Spirit can be seen in their lives. God is so faithful!!
I thought you were on holiday - but didn't know where, it sounds like you had a wonderful time in Greece sharing with other families.
I am also so happy that you have found some inspiration to make cards with the wine labels. They are just beautiful!
May the Lord continue to bless the witness you are as a family, Maria!

Lorraine A комментирует...

Gorgeous cards :-) fabulous family photo's too :-)

thanks for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp Children's Challenge :-)
Lols x x x

Marlena M. комментирует...

Awesome! (from Amanda) :)

Marlena M. комментирует...

so cool!!! (from Shelby)

Marlena M. комментирует...

super cool!!!!!!very classy!!(from mallory)

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