вторник, 4 января 2011 г.

More journals

Around 400 settlements in Russia have been left without electricity as a result of the heavy snowfall.

This is what the trees and bushes look like after the "ice rain" last Saturday.

Альбом: Misc.

Альбом: Misc.

These are some more of the fabric cover journals I recently made. I enjoy combining quilting fabric, paper, stamping techniques, and scrapbook embelishments to create a unique journal.
Альбом: Открытки

3 комментария:

D'Anna комментирует...

Hello Maria!
I have a question for you:
what is a "walking foot" for quilting on a sewing machine called in Russian? I really want to get one so I can finish some of my first quilt on my machine. But I'm not sure what it is called in Russian.

Thank you!
When you're in Smolensk, I would love to meet with you!
Happy New Year! and Merry Christmas!
D'Anna Yastrebov

Мария Доричева Maria Doricheva комментирует...

Anna! I sent you an email. Cheers, Maria

Rina Damay комментирует...

Hi Maria,

Thank you for playing to get give away. I hope you win.

Good Luck,

Rina Damay

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